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Provoleta, Empanadas, and our exceptional charcuterie.

    Duo of empanadas: Argentine beef and chicken tarragon.

    Melting provolone, oregano, cherry tomatoes, served with bread.
  • Secreto 07

    Rubia Gallega ribeye with a blend of 7 secret herbs and 7 weeks of maturation.
  • Dolce zero

    Dried Simmental beef, then aged 8 to 9 weeks with mocha and hazelnuts.
  • Enigma

    Picanha rested in a sprouted brine mixture, rubbed with Pimentón, sun-dried for 2 weeks, and then smoked with beechwood.
  • Chef's bread and butter supplement.



Nos tartares et bruschetta à la braise
  • Pampeano

    Hand-cut Argentine rumsteak heart, chimichurri, smoked aioli, pickled onions, potato straw.
  • Ceviche de boeuf

    Hand-cut Argentine rumsteak heart, citrus, mint, coriander, peanuts, and sesame seeds.
  • Tartare Pincemin

    Hand-cut Argentine rumsteak heart, citrus, mint, coriander, peanuts, and sesame seeds.
  • Bruschettas Puglia

    Burrata, coulis de tomates au miel, menthe et agrumes.

    Slice of Saint-Aulay bread, lemon thyme ricotta, figs, pistachios, and honey.

    Slice of Saint-Aulay bread, artichoke pesto, grilled artichoke hearts, basil, citrus, and pecorino.
  • Pickled peppers



Nos Magnifiques Pièces, Accompagnements, Sauces et Douces Saveurs pour les Plus Petits
  • Bife de chorizo (ARG) - env. 280g/p

    Similar to beef sirloin. Very tender and particularly tasty with a magnificent fat
  • Entraña fina (ARG) - env. 280g/p

    The skirt steak is fine in length with a very texture and a strong flavour.
  • Ojo de Bife (ARG) - env. 280g/p.

    The rib eye is the central part of the rib eye. It is a tender piece with generous marbling.
  • Picanha (arg) - 2kg/4 pers

    Picanha is a cut of beef with a layer of fat on top for a delicious and authentic flavor.
  • Secreto iberico - 280g

    The Secreto reveals unparalleled flavors of dried fruits (walnuts, hazelnuts) and boasts a perfectly balanced juiciness.
  • Saucisses végétariennes

    Duo of vegetable sausages based on pea protein, vegetable concentrates, p-d-t starches, etc.
  • Sweet Potato Mint Feta

  • patate douce crème tahini & grenades (accompagnement)

  • Potato with coriander butter, chili, lime.

  • Creamy Potato & Guanciale

  • Sucrines with ginger dressing

  • Corn with garlic butter

  • Carrot goat honey thyme and walnut

  • Cauliflower hoisin truffle



  • Salsa criolla

    (Oil-based sauce, tomatoes, peppers, coriander and lemon)
  • Chimichurri

    (Spicy sauce with herbs and peppers)
  • Salsa verde

    (Fresh herb sauce)
  • Braised garlic aioli

    (Mayonnaise-type sauce made with garlic cooked over a wood fire)

For the little ones

  • Empanadas boeuf argentin

    Par pièce
  • Empanadas Poulet Estragon

    per piece

Always room for...

  • Crème brulée au fer

  • Mousse au chocolat

  • Panna cotta au dulce de leche

  • Café gourmand

  • Selection of mature cheeses

    By Julien Hazard